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About Us


Beautiful handcrafted figurines imported from Valencia, Spain.  Three unique collections created by The Nadal Company, a leader in the production of figurines and an international reference in the field of decorative arts. These Nadal figurines either form part of a Limited Edition or a Numbered Edition. Each limited edition figurine has it’s own Certificate of Authenticity.

Each creation is handcrafted and decorated entirely by hand. Small masterpieces of the highest quality characterised by their simplicity, tenderness, freshness and originality.

Each collection has its own personality created from dreams and imagination of artists.


Everyday scenes full of love and affection, create a feeling of tenderness and capture the essence and the spirit of children in their own little worlds. Magical moments which could so easily have belonged to each and every one of us at some time in our lives and which we would strive to keep intact in our memories.


The name of this collection says it all – Little Treasures beautifully handcrafted each telling its own story with an expression of passion, genuine truth and human emotion.


Exquisite and elegant, a reflection of creativity, perfection and beauty. Timeless sensual pieces frozen in time of everyday situations expressing emotions of Happiness, Peace, Shyness, Laziness, Thoughtfulness…

Start a tradition with your new collection today…

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